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More Than 40 Years' Combined Horse Riding Experience

Learn to ride your horse confidently. At Cy-Fair Riding Academy of Cypress, Texas, our experienced and educated team will train you to ride your horse or ours properly in our covered and lit arena. Call today to find out more about our boarding services.

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Private Classes

Learn to ride from the experts! At Cy-Fair Riding Academy, we have more than 40 years of combined experience. Utilizing the American Saddlebred, we instruct in saddleseat riding, equitation, and showing. We can help any rider grow their riding skills, either on their own personal horse or on ours. Anyone ages five and up are welcome, and we accept riders of all experience levels. Parents are encouraged to join in and become experienced with the fundamentals of riding.

Our private riding lessons will help you learn the fundamentals of riding and driving. Let our qualified and experienced trainers prepare you for showings and teach you the best way to showcase the abilities of you and your horse. Our private classes cost $50 per half-hour, and we offer packages of five ($250) or ten ($500).

Horsemanship Class

Our horsemanship classes are designed to showcase the rider's ability to ride, drive, and handle their horse. This is a basic skill that every good horseman should know and is beneficial to both the rider and horse. These classes are three hours long and cost $150.

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